vienna fashion week 2014

Sept. 10th / 20:00 / Vienna Fashion Week
Photographers: Atelier Olschinsky / Bianca Hochenauer / net

From the charm of a Viennese lady’s extravagant wardrobe to the stylistic freedom of a Viennese lassie – SUSANNE BISOVSKY’s fashion is greatly characterized by the consequent development of the volatile „Viennese Chic”, which bridges the gap in a continuous local style. Not only the fashion and salon culture of Viennese department stores and unique tailor boutiques such as Zwieback, Stone&Blyth, Adlmüller or Höchsmann inspires the Austrian designer, but she also draws her ideas from technical makeshifts as well as details from a world of the so-called “slower sister of fashion“ (Vischer/1879), the garb of rural communities. They all are the culture medium of Bisovsky’s international Haute Couture. Visitors experience a kind of transformative washtunnel or airlock when Susanne Bisovsky analyzes persons and proportions, converts historical aspects into future fashion and hence creates a totally new look. Suzy Menkes, a British head fashion reporter and editor for the Inter- national Herald Tribune, visited the designer’s salon in Vienna and was also truly amazed by the allurement of this unique fashion style. The N.Y.Times article reflected what Susanne Bisovsky constantly claims: “Nothing more obsolete than the climax of current fashion.”