Susanne Bisovsky´s vision of GTCB


Scope of Validity
The General Terms and Conditions of Business of SUSANNE BISOVSKY apply to all contracts a Buyer/Client enters into with the Vendor (SB). The contractual language is German/English.

Right of Revocation
In principle, the Buyer/Client is entitled to a Right of Revocation. A Right of Revocation does not exist for goods produced subject a Client’s specifications or clearly tailored to their personal needs.

The prices specified in the “Ready-to-wear” b_product description are net prices. VAT and different shipping costs are added to these. The total costs are submitted in advance by SB in the e-mail. These are settled in euros. Where deliveries are to countries outside the European Union, other costs may be payable in individual cases for which SB is not responsible. These costs are borne by the Buyer/Client. These include customs duties, for example, or import sales tax.

Payment Conditions
As a rule, orders are processed and contact is established by e-mail, telephone or post. The Client guarantees that the data provided are correct. Payment in advance is agreed as the method of payment, and the contract takes effect by bank transfer and confirmation of dispatch. Delivery takes place after payment has been received.

Delivery and Dispatch Conditions
Unless agreed otherwise, the goods are delivered to the delivery address given by the Client on the dispatch route. If the delivery company sends the dispatched good back to the Vendor because a delivery was not possible at the Client, the Client bears the costs for the unsuccessful dispatch. This does not apply if the Client exercises its right of withdrawal effectively, or if it is not responsible for the circumstance that has made the delivery impossible. In the event of the Client refusing to accept the delivery, the Vendor is entitled to withhold, or invoice for, an appropriate amount. If the order is returned to SB or lost as a result of an incorrect or insufficient delivery address, the costs (including those of renewing the order) are to be borne by the Buyer.
The good shall be ready for dispatch as quickly as possible. The delivery time is dependent upon the point of delivery and the type of dispatch. Delivery time should not exceed 4 weeks, however.

The Vendor is liable as follows towards the Buyer/Client for compensation for damages and expenses arising out of any contractual, quasi-contractual or legal claims:

a. The Vendor is liable without limitation, for any legal reason, in the event of intent or gross negligence,

b. If the Vendor negligently violates a basic contractual obligation, liability for the foreseeable damages typical for the contract is limited, unless it is liable without limitation in accordance with Point a. Basic contractual obligations are obligations which the contract imposes upon the Vendor, according to its content, in order to achieve the purpose of the contract, fulfilment of which enables proper performance of the contract, and on whose performance the Client may regularly rely.

c. Other than this, liability is excluded on the part of the Vendor.

The legal warranty regulations apply. SB works on the assumption that the good leaves the salon in very good condition. The Buyer/Client must inform the delivery company of delivered goods with evident transportation damage, and inform the Vendor that is has done so. Because SB’s goods are packaged extremely carefully, it is extremely unlikely that a case of this nature will occur. If such a case does occur, however, SB will find a solution.


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